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Wednesday Academic Dialogue Subject-1433-02

Weekly Wednesday's Discussion

My Journey into Islamic Economics

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omar Zubair
Formerly Director of the King Abdul Aziz University and founder of the
Islamic Economics Research Center and winner of the IDB  prize in
Islamic Economics, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Darwish Siddiq Jestaniah
Formerly Director of the  Islamic Economics Research Center
King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, 21/09/2011-/23/10/1432H

Abstract. Sincerity of intention to God Almighty and hard work were the bases of the establishment of Islamic Economics Research Center (IERC). I had the honor of being among the first generation, which contributed to the emergence of Islamic economics in theory and practice. Collective efforts and blessed contributions of the decision-makers and business men were among the things that contributed to the foundation of the (IERC). Islamic economics is the scientific umbrella and practical guide to Islamic banking and finance, establishing IERC as a specialized center was a necessity to play this role. Recommendations of the First World Conference on Islamic Economics was the first nucleus for the establishment of IERC. Islamic economics established the fact that The Justice Center in "economic and social life" is the balance between the individual interests and the group interests. Islamic Economics limits the tyranny inclinations, exert individual, curb and reduce the risks of sliding into the circle of taboos. The most important characteristic of Islamic Economics is that, it combines between the material and spirit and balances them as well.               For Details

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